Is DISH available in my area?

Our website includes several pages dedicated to listing the channels and the channel packages.

What does ||Free Activation|| and ||No Process Fee|| mean?

Some of the DISH promotions require an activation fee. DISH waives this fee for all qualified customers and this is the common scenario for almost all of our customers. The processing fee is something different. Many retailers online or in stores make additional money by charging their customers a separate “processing fee” to take their order. DISH does not require this fee at all, here so we do not charge a processing fee! Almost all of our competitors do.

What does it cost to get started?

DISH charges new customers the first monthly bill at the time of ordering. With today’s promotion there is no activation fee and we do not charge any type of processing fee. So all you have to pay to get started is your first bill and any upfront fees that may apply to you. In most cases, there are no additional fees. In rare cases, some equipment upgrades do incur an upfront fee.

How soon after I order can I get installed?

We can usually schedule an installation within a day or two of ordering, but in many cases, next-day installation is available. In some cases same-day installation is available. These are rare, and on a first come first serve basis, so the earlier in the day you order the better.

Can I change my programming package later, after I order?

Yes. You can modify your programming at any time. There is no fee to increase your programming level, however if you downgrade your programming package within 30 days after switching, there is a one time fee. Typically this fee is only $5. This policy exists to limit abuse.

Is DISH offered in other languages, like Spanish, Hindi, German, Russian, etc ... ?

Yes. DISH is well known for their extensive selection of International programming packages and channels.

Does DISH offer a Pay Per View (PPV) service?

Yes. DISH has a huge library of PPV titles. These range from shows, series, movies, and sporting events.

Does DISH support 3D TV?

Yes. Many VOD and PPV titles are now being released with 3D options. 3D broadcasting is still young, and we will keep you posted as DISH adds more 3D channels and features.

Does DISH Network offer Internet or Bundled Services?

Yes! You can now bundle DISH Video and Internet. The service is called dishNET High Speed Internet. The equipment, installation, and activation are all free.

Are there any ||hidden fees?||

There are no hidden fees. Whether you use our online ordering system, or order directly through a live rep (on the phone or the live chat) all fees and the total price of service both before and after the promotion will be explained to you, for your approval.

Do I have to pay taxes?

Yes, if you live in a state that has a Satellite TV service tax. Most of the time this tax is similar to or less than your state sales tax.

What if I move. Is there a service to move DISH with me?

Yes. If you’re a DISH customer and you move to a new residence within the United States DISH will move you free of charge. It is simple; call DISH, tell them you’re moving. Tell them when and where, and DISH sets up everything. You just pack up your receivers and bring them with you. Leave the dish at home. They will install a new one at the new address. The new address must be eligible to receive DISH service.

I heard DISH goes out in the rain. Is that true?

There is no system out there that is perfect. During a severe thunderstorm, it is possible to lose reception. But they have done studies and found that the DISH signal is 99.9% reliable. So if you do lose service, it is for a couple minutes (not hours) as with other companies. And you do not need a technician to come out to restore your service– it will come back automatically.

Why should I order through you, and not DISH directly?

We are one of the largest DISH Network sales partners in the country, and we service the entire country. We proudly offer all of DISH Network’s new customer promotions, without adding a single penny of extra cost to you. Unlike other retailers, we don’t charge any type of processing fee or activation fee. In fact, we offer an exclusive $75 cash gift w/ purchase. And when we place the order for you, it will be installed by a local company. We are eager to earn your business. Call us today 1-800-970-9509 or Leave Message (24 Business Hour Response) right now.

What is the difference between DISH Network and DIRECTV?

DISH Network and Directv are the two largest digital satellite TV service providers in the United States. DISH and Directv are in heated competition for your business. Both are premium services, and each have their pros and cons. Our live reps are deeply familiar with the differences between DISH and DTV and will happily go over everything with you.

The main difference, and the most important for most customers, is the price. After the promotion, Directv’s least expensive package is $44.99 per month and DISH’s is $32.99.

DISH Network has more HD channels and content than Directv does.

Give us a call or live chat and let us show you. We can beat Directv every time, and we’re proud of that.

Why should I order through you and not another retailer?

Simple: Almost every single one of our competitor retailers charges a “processing fee” to take your order. That fee is typically $49.99. They will make it seem like this is a fee that DISH requires, but DISH does not require this fee. You are literally paying them to do business with them just to become a customer of DISH. We think this is ridiculous. We do not charge a processing fee.
Some competitors will try and “slam” you with other products during your sign up process, like magazines, email coupons, cruises, and things like that. This is all just a distraction. When you call us we are focused on your DISH Network order, and anything else that you specifically ask us to help you with.

When you call us a friendly US citizen will answer the phone and help you from start to finish. We do not outsource anything overseas for any reason, ever.